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    Perhaps your imagination has been generating something vibrant that you

    are itching to build from scratch;


    Perhaps you are ready to elevate something spare and undeveloped;


    Perhaps you desire to rehab something shabby or inadequate ...


    Or perhaps now is the time to galvanize something that has weathered many storms.


    Whatever it is that you are longing for,

    imagine it like this :


    if your life was a house, you would be the architect, and I would be the designer.


    I can help you by thoroughly evaluating your current conditions, and develop a supportive plan with you for how we can best respond with creative coaching interventions and services


    It is often during our darkest life chapters that we experience the reality check that control is an illusion, and that in actuality we live life on life's terms.


    And yet, a much better quality of life is far more within reach than we often tend to understand, even within this very flawed present day. It may however, require that we rethink the approach.


    The circumstances that brings you to me could be joy-filled and optimistic, or they may be polar opposite.


    But no matter what your life circumstances may be, it is always the right time to receive support, and to experience beauty around you.


    Blue Mountain Designs offers art and design products and services, therapeutic approaches for moving through adversity, achieving your vision, and reimagining your life-


    ...for the times when "DIY" just won't cut it.