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    designing my life to

    have design in my life.






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    My name is Claire Wieman, and I am a trained psychotherapist, consultant, and founder/owner of a thriving group practice called Evo-Life, offering progressive consulting, mental health and wellness services in Ballston Lake, NY.


    But over here at Blue Mountain Designs, I am talking about another part of me-

    I am talking about the artist part of me.


    I feel the most alive when I am creating something, or I am helping someone else create something that makes them feel more alive.


    When we seek to realize, re-imagine, and advance the most natural and effortless parts of ourselves, we are rewarded with more joy, increased resilience, and sharper clarity about the point of our existence.


    Blue Mountain Designs is the platform where I engage and support others drawing from the most natural and effortless parts of my self and my lifestyle:


    my strong pull to connect with people on a heart level;

    my artistry;

    and my ability to see possibilities in the most unusual places.




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