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    have design in my life.






  • Claire

    My name is Claire Wieman, and I am a trained psychotherapist, consultant, and founder/owner of a thriving group practice called Evo-Life, offering progressive consulting, mental health and wellness services in Ballston Lake, NY.


    But over here at Blue Mountain Designs, I am talking about another part of me-

    I am talking about the artist part of me.


    When I feel the most alive, I am creating something, or I am helping someone else create something that makes them feel more alive.


    Life will afford us the most joy, resilience, and clarity about the point of existence if we eternally seek to realize, re-imagine, and advance that which comes to us effortlessly.


    Blue Mountain Designs is the platform where I engage and support others utilizing the aspects of myself and my life that feel the most natural and effortless to me-


    > my ability to connect with people's hearts

    > my artistry

    > my entrepreneurial spirit




  • "I have worked with Claire on various projects over the years. she has talents that know no limits. I know her both as a therapeutic client and as a design client. She takes her time to get to know her client's needs, wants and desires in the project, and she is undertaking. She understood my vision and created breathtaking stylings that were nothing short of brilliant. She worked tirelessly

    to create designs that literally transform

    a home from bland to beautiful.

    I highly recommend claire for your design projects.

    She will be attentive, innovative and patient

    as she helps you develop your vision."



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