• Therapeutic Styling-

    When you just can't find the strength to "DIY" it- and an interior designer is too much financially/not enough emotionally.....I am here for you.


    Actual client story:

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    We start with actual photos of your room, (or rooms) such as this one.

    (picture: actual client room "1")

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    Next -

    we figure out how many layouts (per room) you would like to be able to choose from?

    (actual client rendering "1A")

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    Then we decide...

    how many stylings would you like to receive to help you establish your new direction?

    (actual client rendering "1B")

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    And finally,

    We go over the presentation, discuss your takeaways, and determine any other a la carte assistance you may need.

    (client sample rendering "1C")


    1) I will ask you questions that will be simple and relaxing for you to answer, but are complex in nature in terms of how they will help me support you.

    2) I will ensure that you feel understood, validated, and emotionally at ease.

    3) Then I will produce styling solutions for you that build upon the significance of this time of your life.

    Practical Advantages:

    1. Before starting, you receive one flat rate quote for entire  package. No guesswork!
    2. You can control your budget, and/or modify your quote on how much or how little help you wish to receive.
    3. Bundled discounts are available if you would like to do multiple rooms or projects!

    Room packages start at around $300* and go up in price from there depending on the complexity of the project, and the scope of my role within it. You will pay nothing without knowing exactly what you will receive.*


    Simple consults (color, product opinion, etc.) are lower cost. Ask us how we can meet your budget constraints.




    Ask me anything about

    Therapeutic Styling!